Rejuvenating Retreats

"Retreating... the act of stepping out of life and into the recesses of your inner world... is a feminine act.  A downbeat in our varied rhythms, it's the ultimate way to slow down and pay attention"                                                                                                        Sara Avant Stover

There is nothing like a retreat to help you really integrate, rejuvenate and transform into your best self.

The SAVVY Women retreats highlight important learning points and help you integrate them into your life. It's a perfect blend of nature, healthy lifestyle, skill development and R +R to help you bring out the best in yourself in every way.

Interested in a retreat experience? Here are a few options:

  • If you're on our list you will hear about retreat opportunities as they arise through our NRG Boosts.
  • If you're in our 1:1 program, have participated in an Elevation Day or are a member of the Sisterhood of Vibrant Powerful Moms you will receive information about your retreat opportunities and discount at least 2 months before the next retreat.
  • Build A Retreat and save money while creating a supportive sisterhood of your own!


Here's how it works:

  • 1


    Contact us to express an interest and a team member will establish a time frame, cover all the details with you and provide support along the way.

  • 2


    Create a list of 12-15 women you think would be interested in 2 1/2 days of reconnecting with their inner Goddess.

  • 3


    Find a suitable location. Our team will send you a checklist of what to look for and is always available to consult on it.

  • 4


    Book the location and use your list to find 6-12 participants (exceptions are possible and should be discussed with your team contact) and have them book their room.

  • 5


    Send a list of confirmed participants names and contact information to Empowering NRG at so we can contact them and complete their registration.

  • 6


    Join our SAVVY Womens' Retreat Facebook group.

  • 7


    In appreciation for all the effort you put in to setting things up, you and a friend can attend the retreat on us. You'll still need to look after your accommodation, however the retreat cost is covered.

Our team will be with you every step of the way ready to brainstorm, answer questions or deal with logistical challenges.

The SAVVY Womens' Retreat is typically 2 1/2 days in length (i.e. one evening, and 2 days) and includes a blend of nature, exercise, channeling, meditation, healthy & delicious food, divine feminine, self-care and rejuvenating sisterhood!