Shifting out of Fear and into Fearlessness

Back in January I was a guest on The Dr. Pat Show on Transformation Talk Radio and we decided to do the interview on the topic of fear… specifically on becoming a fearless parent. This was not a random choice, but one based on questions, comments and feelings arising for so many people.

There are a lot of things happening in the world right now that can make you feel vulnerable and

concerned for yourself and for your child’s future. Yet, living in a place of fear is exhausting, damaging to your vibrancy and totally unnecessary.

It’s true! Living in a state of fear is unnecessary and today I want to share what I mean by this and give you ideas you can use right away to start reclaiming your power and moving forwards fearlessly if desired.

Now, I’m guessing some of you are feeling a little defensive from my saying fear is unnecessary. Perhaps you’re already creating a mental list of all the things I don’t know about you and your situation and why they are downright scary and totally worthy of fear. I understand this and am not trying to minimize your current reality.  I’m also not judging you for feeling that way or even telling you your feelings are wrong.  But, I am here to tell you there is another way.

With self-awareness, reconnection with your divine nature and recognition of what is going on… you can choose to move out of fear and instead stand firmly in your power, which will change how you feel, how you react, how others react to you, what you are attracting to you and so much more.

What is fear?

Fear is a feeling. It’s hardwired into us as a response to things that appear dangerous, that feel threatening, that have hurt us in the past or that we don’t understand. When fear arises in our body, it’s really sending a signal that our life might be in peril and asking us to check out what is going on and if necessary take evasive action.

Our brain doesn’t have access to the outside world; in fact it’s living in the dark. It gets all of its data from our senses – eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin…and the thoughts we formulate as a result of that feedback.  Those messages are what determine what you do next:

  • stay in fight, flight, freeze mode – which is exhausting to your body
  • search for more information before turning off the alarm
  • recognize that something could be going on, but turn off the alarm anyway
  • or see that all is fine, it is a false alarm – so you turn it off

In an earlier episode of VPM I talked about the stress hormone cortisol and loosely explained the cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters which are the physiological response fear causes, so I’m not going to go into that here, but for our purposes today, let’s just say fear is considered a serious message that requires our immediate attention.

I also want to point out, that every time we experience a fear message, things happen in our body that will require some clean up after. Kind of like when a building has a sprinkler system wired right into a fire alarm. If the alarm goes off, the sprinklers turn on to minimize damage, so if it is a false alarm, there is clean up involved as a result of this immediate response.

This is the case in our bodies. Our sprinkler system involves a hormone cocktail that will require some clean-up even if your life is not in peril.

Continuing with this analogy, your first reaction to fear is going to be to search (using your senses) for any smoke, flames or crackling that tells you there is indeed a fire and if there is not, to turn off the sprinkler system as quickly as you can to minimize the mess.

It’s your thoughts that turn off the alarm.  Things like; It’s okay, calm down, all’s fine, relax, take a deep breath… are all thoughts that can help you turn off the code red.

Here’s the problem however, your thoughts tend to based on 3 things:

  1. what your senses tell you
  2. your perception of the situation
  3. whatever previous feedback you have in your memory bank for a situation like this

Let’s talk about your perception

You’re perception is skewed by how much of anything you can see.  If you’re standing in front of a car and the back end is all smashed in, you might not even know there has been an accident. You would say that car looks like it’s in great shape. Unless you were standing behind it…or beside it…or above it… where you are standing determines what you can see.

This means, what you think is your reality will have a huge influence on how quickly you are to turn off the sprinkler system.

In the meantime, your brain naturally scans for similar situations in its memory bank (and these don’t have to be your experiences – they can be TV shows, stories, your neighbour’s situation…), AND uses that information…mixed with your perception to decide whether or not to turn off the alarm!

Listen to the podcast to hear an example of how this situation might pan out in real life and get steps for taking back your power.

If you struggle with fear, worry or anxiety you don’t have to live that way. Contact me today for a no-obligation complimentary discovery call and we’ll see what we can do to help you turn off your sprinkler system today!

Using Your Mindful Muscle to Boost Inner Strength with Tamara Green and David Dachinger

Meet today’s guests:

Bringing Calm to Cancer, David Dachinger and his wife Tamara Green, LCSW are co-founders of Loving Meditations and international best-selling authors of their book, Live Calm With Cancer (and Beyond…). David is a Grammy® nominated composer, fire lieutenant and stage-4 head, neck and lymphatic cancer survivor. Tamara is a psychotherapist, dating & relationship coach, and meditation facilitator, who Elle Magazine dubs “the soul-centered relationship and meditation expert.” Together they create meditation programs that dynamically assist those living with cancer and other major life challenges. Loving Meditations has the only app specifically designed to help cancer patients, survivors and caregivers cope with their physical and emotional symptoms.

Imagine going to the doctor with your 13 year old son and being told your child has Lyme Disease and will need to start an intensive treatment immediately. Now imagine, it’s  four days later and you are sitting across from a doctor who has just told your seemingly very healthy husband that the lump he’s found on his neck is stage 4 cancer.

It feels like too much… even just writing about it.

Yet it’s exactly what happened to my guest Tamara Green and her husband David Dachinger!

But they didn’t let that stop them.

Instead they used the experience to become aware of and question limiting beliefs; to practice using the tools they knew about to stay grounded and calm, such as, meditation, yoga and mindfulness; to learn and implement many new health strategies into their lives; and even to come up with a way to share all this information to help others with their cancer journey.

Out of their experience was born the international best-seller, Live Calm with Cancer (and Beyond) as well as Loving Meditations, the first (and currently only) app specifically designed to help cancer patients, survivors and caregivers cope with their physical and emotional symptoms!

I read their book and I truly believe every person dealing with cancer (or really any life threatening illness) in any way would benefit by reading it. So whether you’re a patient, caregiver, professional, neighbour, co-worker to a person going through this journey…This book would be an awesome addition to your library. It would also make a great gift to anyone you know who might be dealing with this challenge.

You’ll find the link for where to pick up the book and the app (along with a complimentary gift Tamara and David created) at the end of this blog. But before you go there, let me share some of the highlights from this uplifting and empowering interview.

February 4th, 2018 was World Cancer Day…In this interview, David and Tamara provide quick and easy mindful tips you can use to decrease anxiety and overwhelm and feel grounded and calm. They also share a breath technique that’ll have you blissed out pronto.

David shared with us how receiving a cancer diagnosis put him into an immediate state of chaos. His mind was going crazy trying to listen to the treatment plan the doctor was describing while thinking about having to be off work and putting life on hold for 4 months or more.

“How am I going to get through this; what am I going to do about work; the kids; the mortgage?”

“I realized I had a choice on how I was going to experience this whole journey.  I had the choice of looking at it like the worst thing that could possibly happen or as an adventure… “

“What can my body and I do throughout this cancer journey that would be more like an epic survival story rather than that of a victim who puts all their power into the hands of the doctors?”

“I joke that I was the poster child for good health at the fire department where I work and, just in general, because I was always keeping myself fit and eating good food. So it felt like a failure initially, to have to tell these guys that I work with that I’ve got this stage 4 cancer and I’m not going to be coming to work for months…. It’s how you get up from something like that, how you reinvent yourself from something like that that really defines you”

Tamara’s experience was different from David’s yet no less intense:

“I’m the caregiver to not only my husband who’s very sick but also to our son who is very sick and there’s no one else in the house. So it’s just me, kind of holding down the fort for everything.

I really did go into a lot of fear and had a few sleepless nights until I realized …hey, wait a minute…what am I doing? Let me take my own advice that I would give my own clients and take care of this fear.”

Tamara taught us about what fear really is and laughed as she shared some of the ridiculous ideas her brain was creating around what was going on. She talked about how tools she already knew and practiced, such as meditation and gratitude, suddenly became life lines for her. She also shared some very important tips for all of us to remember:

“Even though I had a practice like this [meditation], it doesn’t mean that if you’re going through a major crisis or challenge in your life that you have to have years of practice behind you. You can start immediately with super simple things that you can do to have these mindful moments or even a meditation practice.”

“A great tip for self-care is to make it a priority; to set time every single day just for you – at least 15 minutes to talk to a friend on the phone, get your nails done, or take a luxurious bath. Fit it into your calendar and make it happen.

Fortunately David was so supportive of me making time to take care of myself so that I could then turn around and take care of my guys.  So I didn’t stop my yoga practices and all the things I do for self-care.”

Listen to the interview to find out how David used his cancer journey as an opportunity to push the reset switch; to enjoy Tamara leading you through a short, yet powerful meditation session; and for both of them to provide plenty of little tips and tools that helped them not just survive this challenging time in their life, but truly thrive!

When you’re done, pick up a copy of Live Calm with Cancer (and Beyond) at Also available from Amazon

Download the beautiful Loving Meditations app from and pick up your gift of Free mindful breath meditation

Check out David and Tamara’s website at

Divine Energies

Originally Posted as: “Divine Energies” [December, 2017]

Today I’m going to tackle the big and important topic of Divine energies.

Talking about the Divine Masculine and Feminine is different than talking about gender, but because they intertwine so completely and our society has developed such strong opinions around these qualities it has become a bit confusing to unravel.

What’s important to me is that you understand I am not trying to put anyone into a box and suggest that if they are male, female, transgender or would describe themselves in any other way, that what I am saying must apply to them whether they want it to or not. Please hear what I am saying with an open mind and heart so you can pick out the pieces that will have the greatest influence on your life today and start using the information to become more aware.

A big part of being a vibrant, powerful BEING, is self-awareness, and these divine energies have a huge influence on how we can thrive in this world.

I like to think of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as two energies that dance together to make a complete and beautiful picture. One is not better than the other except perhaps in how it applies to any moment in time. When the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are properly balanced they allow you to live life to its fullest potential in every way.

All people need to access both of these energies in order to live a balanced, healthy and productive life. The amount they need will vary by person, circumstance, and even by current focus, but they both come into play for all of us.

I often use the analogy of a river to show people what I mean. Picture a river and for a few moments just focus on the water itself. What is it like?

When I ask this question to a group I am working with I typically get responses like…It’s yielding, refreshing, nurturing, playful, fierce, life giving, creative, beautiful, fun…which all happen to be Divine Feminine qualities.

Now think about the river bed…the rock or earth that guides the river. What words might you use to describe it? Structured, focused, guiding, protective, strong, in-charge, productive; are the answers I receive…these describe the Divine Masculine.

Picture either of these without the other and what do you have?

A riverbed without the water is meaningless. It has nothing to guide, protect, focus on…there is no reason for that riverbed to exist. The water without the riverbed is a swamp or a flood. Picture a field with many little puddles all evaporating because they were not contained or held together in a way that allowed them to function. These puddles become stagnant and disappear without support.

The water needs the riverbed and the riverbed needs the water

Masculine energy: plan, provide, produce, protect, results focused, honour, respect, guiding, courageous, independent, strong, decisive, stable/calm, in-charge, intellectual, competitive, linear, left brain, yang.  Outward focused; Ruled by thoughts; Recharged by achievement… Doing

Feminine energy: soft, nurturing, creative, fertile, flowing, open/receiving, unpredictable, flexible, wild/fierce, bubbly/playful, beautiful, wisdom/intuition, collaboration, cyclical, right brain, yin.  Inward focused; Ruled by emotions; Recharged by pleasure… Being

Notice…It is the feminine side that opens you up to receive, fully engage in pleasure, build powerful relationships with others, be compassionate and release your optimal creativity. It’s worthwhile for all of us to embrace the feminine.

What’s our reality?

Think about our current success model…what kinds of things are valued in our society?

Competition, goals, produce, profit, independence, protect, results, deadlines …  all masculine!

Our society has raised us to value our masculine and has labeled much of the feminine as weak or unnecessary. As a result,things like pleasure, emotion, compassion, nurturance, collaboration (which could also be called interdependence – when people work harmoniously together) are devalued, downplayed or ditched.

As well, when people are unbalanced we often get what’s called distorted energy – so distorted masculine becomes ego driven or self-focused, competition leads to ‘dog eat dog’ thinking, confidence becomes aggression, scarcity mentality is predominant, etc.

This worshiping of the divine masculine, tolerance for the distorted masculine and disregard for the feminine has thrown our systems way off kilter leaving most people confused about what the problem is never mind how to fix it.

Some of the symptoms of a society that’s out of balance are: people feeling burnt-out, disconnected, or dissatisfied with life despite what looks like a great life; relationships falling apart as two imbalanced people try to make thin

gs to work (I get a visual for this one of two people sitting on the same side of the teeter-totter and wondering why it’s no fun!); health issues like crazy – especially things like auto-immune diseases and chronic fatigue…

Just a quick note: This is not about blaming anyone or anything for our imbalance. We’ve all had a hand in creating it and continuing to perpetuate it. If you really want to make a difference tell your Ego to sit and focus on what you can do to make positive changes from here.

In summary…

  1. We have a very real problem that will not go away on its own.
  2. It’s time for us to take action and start rebalancing things – for your own happiness, your kids future, our survival as a species – choose whichever speaks the loudest to you (or make up your own good reason).
  3. Even though we are talking about Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies this is not a gender issue. Both men and women need to draw on their masculine and feminine energies in a dance that works for them.

Where do you start?

There is no fixed way to start rebalancing yourself, as we are all in different places on our journey, so listen to the podcast to find out some of my favorite starting points.

A woman spending too much time in her masculine will typically feel drained, unfulfilled or depressed (often despite great success) and may struggle with issues such as being considered a control-freak, perfectionist or just down-right scary. If you are experiencing any of these, don’t wait for a diagnosis, burn out or relationship breakdown to motivate you to change. Start with a couple of things that truly bring you pleasure and make them a priority. I can help with this if you feel guidance would be helpful. Set up a discovery call today and we’ll explore it together.

Variety May Be Your Spice for Life with Alenka Tercic

Meet today’s guest:

Alenka Tercic

is life and business coach, accredited vision board coach and vision card reader. She was awarded 2012 Vision Board Coach of theYear for her volunteer work with kids in Bali. Alenka uses vision boards as the main tool to help others design the life of their dreams. She alsoempowers and inspires them to do the work needed, one step at a time. She coaches business owners on mindset, law of attraction, productivity andonline marketing.

In this interview, Alenka provides insights into how some people don’t have only one calling. She shares her best tips for embracing your true self –including your many different interests – and explains how you might avoid the pressure of narrowing down your niche.

Now that I’m embracing this part of myself, I don’t have to follow anyone else’s plan but can choose those what resonates and use that. It’s like giving myself permission to be me…it’s more fun, less overwhelming and adds to my energy.

When I met Alenka she was interviewing me on her Sparkling Kids program which was geared at empowering parents to raise their kids in a way that would help them live the best life possible. At the time, Alenka says, she was busy raising her own kids and truly wanting to be the best parent she could be.

That was when my kids were little and I was actually teaching myself alongside the parents I was supporting.  I was reading books, attending seminars and taking courses. I was trying to do this for my kids and for my own sanity…because I knew this was a better way to parent and truly wanted to learn how to apply it to my own life.

Alenka’s oldest is 20 years old now and since then she has shifted her interest to helping others with the technology side of things, creating vision boards and many other things.

Now looking back, I realize this kind of variety was a big part of my whole life.  I was interested in so many things. I could never really narrow things down to just one area. Even in my jobs, I was always helping out in many different areas – not specialized, but able to handle the big picture.

This way of thinking is not unique to Alenka but actually something that has been given several names (rather appropriately) and is now recognized as a fairly common way of being. A quick google search brings up the following:

multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits.
Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do.

According to Wikipedia: Leonardo da Vinci was an
Italian Renaissance polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He has been called the father of palaeontology, ichonology, and architecture, and is widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time. Sometimes credited with the inventions of the parachute, helicopter and tank, he epitomised the Renaissance humanist ideal.

Alenka, it turns out, is a multipotentialite or Renaissance Woman.

From the beginning we are groomed into a standard life journey… go to school, graduate, go to University, get married, buy a house, work for 40 years and retire.

We are all different and while some people know from the beginning what they want to be, some of us don’t. We don’t have one specific mission, interest or path in life. It can feel scary to think you have to limit yourself to just one thing.

For me, this was an exciting idea to hear. I’ve always felt more like a star shape then a square, rectangle or circle…so trying to fit me into any kind of box or hole just wasn’t going to work.

This is not being scattered and unfocused this is about living a fulfilling life by embracing who you truly are and learning how to use that understanding to bring out the best in yourself.

If this sounds intriguing, listen to the podcast and gain some wonderful insights on how to embrace this kind of life; how to avoid ‘shiny object syndrome’; how to use this way of being to your advantage and more.

Be you! You are the most important person in your life so do whatever feels right for you. Follow your own lead, be your own cheerleader, beyour own supporter and put yourself first.                                    

Alenka Tercic

Be sure to check out Alenka’s free facebook group Dream Life Creation Academy at 

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How Your Family of Origin Influences Your Life

Originally posted as: How You Were Raised Matters [January 2017]

Today I want to talk about your family of origin – or FOO as I like to refer to it.

The family that you were raised in, even if it wasn’t typical or a recognized family for that matter, has a huge influence on how vibrant and powerful you are today. This is really important to understand because once you are aware of the influence your upbringing has had on you, you can decide if you want to make changes to your behaviour today.

As well, your family of origin influences your family of creation. Identify the things that were done in your upbringing that you would prefer not to repeat, and use that information to guide you in making changes with your current family.

Before we jump too deeply into this topic I would like to take you through an exercise designed to help you reflect on who you are right now and where you are headed with your relationships. You might want to do this in a setting where you can take some time to reflect and maybe even have a pen and paper for writing down things that come up.

Exercise: Setting Life Priorities

You are ninety years old, sitting in a rocking chair looking back over your life. Think about the things in your childhood that made you feel safe, secure and happy. Even if you had a difficult childhood, there will be things that helped you feel this way (an older sister who let you sleep in her room; a dog that you cuddled with; a spot in a tree in the backyard you would hide in, etc) so don’t skip this part…really think about what helped you to feel safe, sheltered and able to carry on.   See if you can come up with 3 words to describe you at 7 years old: Shy, Timid, Afraid, Outgoing, Adventurous, Curious, Resilient, Tough, Optimistic.

Watch your life play out before you like a film highlighting successes, challenges and disappointments. Fast-forward to your late teen/young adult years – especially once you moved away from home.

What were you like in relation to others (roommates, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc)? Are you bossy? Strict? Do you have lots of rules?

Or… Are you the messy, disorganized one – super relaxed with no rules at all? Are you somewhere in between – some rules, but pretty flexible.

Are you consistent in this, or do you waffle back and forth between relaxed and frustrated by the chaos? Just notice without judgment or regret.

Be really honest – you are the only one who can see the film you are watching.

What 3 words describe you now? Decisive, Leader, Controlling, Fun, Flexible, Relaxed, Go-getter, Sarcastic, Damaged

Now, let’s zero in on the moment you find out you are going to be a parent – whether it’s a bio parent, single-parent, teen-parent, step-parent, adoptive parent, etc. Think about the feelings this news creates for you. What are your dreams or wishes for the future?

Continue to move forward in time. Your kids are growing, learning to walk and talk, starting school, maybe joining in extracurricular… now they are 7 years old. If you’re not here yet in real life, use your imagination to see where things are heading.

How do you treat them? What kinds of things do you do to help them feel safe, secure, and loved? How much do you work … play … stop to just enjoy? What 3 words does your 7 year old use to describe you when talking to his/her friends?  Fun, Busy, Mean…

Keep on traveling forward. Your kids are moving out, maybe marrying or having children of their own.

How do they treat you, their partner, and their own kids? Do they like you? Is work dominating their lives? Do they come to visit you? If so, do they do it because they want to or out of obligation? Do they still talk about you? What are they saying now? 

You’ve reached retirement and moved into old age. How important is your job to you now? Do your previously close colleagues still call? Do you feel like a valued member of society? Did you live the kind of life you were hoping to live or did you get caught up in the pressure of it all?

You are ninety looking back. Do you like what you see?

If you could write your whole story, what would you change? While there might be things that seem impossible to adjust in your life, there are little things you can do to guide your life in the direction you would prefer to go.

Sticking to priorities is a tough task for all of us. Life seems so urgent most of the time, but if we don’t live now, when will we?

The idea behind this setting life priorities exercise is to get you thinking about your life from a big picture standpoint. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the many tasks we have vying for our attention on a daily basis and to put the really important things on hold. Unfortunately, this does not work in our favour… so I strongly encourage you to put your energy into creating the life want, rather than leaving it to chance.

If you came up with your three words each time I asked you to, then those words can help to guide you when it comes to healing past issues, releasing blocks and changing the path you are currently on… so you might want to keep them for future reference.

Remember in the exercise when I asked you to zero in on what your home life was like, and specifically what you were like when you moved away from home. This is the part that is most important for our discussion today, because I want to help you really tune in to the influence your FOO has on who you are and how you behave with your family.

Identifying your family type

Families come in all shapes and sizes and the factors influencing how they will look are pretty much endless. The stressors you face, the support system you have, and the generation you are raised in are just a few of the things that will affect the unique style of your family.

Listen to the podcast to find out the most common family types; how they affect who you are today; the qualities of a balanced family and more.

In reality, few—if any—of us would fit perfectly into this balanced family mold for long. Life is about finding balance, not about being perfectly balanced all the time. Growing and learning, as well as independence and confidence, grow out of imbalance and the efforts we take to fix it.

If you are not aware of how your family of origin influences you, it can be very frustrating, not to mention guilt-producing when you keep doing things with your kids or partner that you don’t like – especially when those behaviours are not even aligned with your personality or being the parent you really want to be.

The good news…of all the challenges parents face when they come to me for assistance, this is one of the easiest to target and make immediate, positive changes. If you haven’t already, download the worksheet I provide below and use it to help you figure out where your family is today so you can become aware and continue building the kind of family you really want to have.

If you struggle doing this on your own, set up a complimentary discovery call with me and find out how I can help you make quick and effective changes today!

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How to Leverage Epigenetics for Better Health, Joy & Radiance with Naturopath Cherie Gorringe

Meet today’s guest:

Cherie Gorringe

founder of Evolve Your Health Natural Medicine Clinic, is a NHAA registered Naturopathic Clinician, Epigenetic Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Public Educator and Mother of two who has been involved the wellness industry for over 15 years.

Operating within an integrative, functional and holistic framework, Cherie loves uncovering the root cause of imbalance or illness and assisting people on their journey to wellness. Cherie’s interest in nature’s medicine was inspired by her mother, who commonly mixed up natural brews and potions to fortify the family.

Cherie’s learnings came as a result of having to navigate her own way out of a severe personal health challenge when doctors had no answers. This experience drives her desire and dedication to promote and provide access to the healing power of Nature for all.   Website:

Imagine having a way to know, not just what you should eat to best serve your body, but even when would be the optimal time for you to eat it?

Or how about knowing exactly when in the year is the top time for you to take a holiday and what kind of climate would best help to rejuvenate you?

What if that was just the beginning?

My guest today, Cherie Gorringe, studies Epigenetics and came on the show to help us all understand a little more about this cutting edge and very exciting area of study.

Cherie became interested in natural health when doctors were unable to help her with a health challenge that had started in her childhood. At sixteen years old she finally decided to consult a naturopath who was able to help her IBS in just a few months.

Because of that experience, I realized there were other things out there that could help me and that it wasn’t necessarily through the doctor or medication that I was going to get well. I went on a journey to find out how we could best assist ourselves naturally and that lead me to becoming a naturopath and more recently diving into the world of Epigenetics, which is really where my passion lies now.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is not as difficult to understand as you might expect, Cherie explained:

Epigenetics sounds complicated, but boiled down it means above the gene. It’s the study of what influences the gene’s expression, as in, what is turning it on or off.  Thanks to many scientists, we’re starting to learn now that genes don’t actually cause disease in the human body despite common belief. Genes are actually regulated by both our internal and external environment.

We are now empowering people to understand that they have many opportunities to influence the way their body is in health through the concept of Epigenetics. This allows people to understand far more than what foods they need to eat or what exercise they need to do. The system we use also tells them when is the best time for them to sleep, eat, or do exercise as well as what climate works best for their genetics.

Cherie works with a specific Epigenetics system that uses ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, along with a lot of modern science to create a very robust and intuitive platform.

She shared with us how this platform has helped her gain a lot more clarity on how to help people choose a diet that will really work for them.

As a practitioner I was often in dilemma about whether a person should be eating a vegetarian diet or if a paleo diet (meat, greens, nuts and seeds) would suit them better. There is so much information out there, even as a trained professional I was confused about what would be best.  With this platform, the guessing is removed as the body type alone helps to share clues about which diet will help that person thrive.

In our discussion Cherie shared how this platform helped her learn the best way for her to meditate (it definitely isn’t what you would think!); how we could positively influence future generations if parents and teachers applied this information to understanding kids; and how you can use the system to support and improve your relationship with your significant other or even your larger extended family.

It truly is like cracking your personal code to how you and your loved ones will function best.

Knowing your Epigenetic truth and what is fundamentally right for you, can help you avoid the trial, error and energy that go into following fad “one size fits all” approaches, and provides you with a level of confidence when making choices. You can be more at ease and peace with your body, knowing it has a specific design and purpose and then learning how to fine tune and optimise it in a way that works best for you.”

This is not a fad. There are functional medicine doctors, General Practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, health coaches and everyone in between using this information to help raise awareness and improve the lives and optimal health of the people that come to them.

Listen to the show to hear all the great stories and fascinating insights Cherie shared with us, including how you might want to get involved in a grassroots movement ideally suited for stay-at-home or part-time moms.

To find out more about the Health Coach opportunity, contact Cherie via email ( and she will point you in the right direction.

Keen to learn more about the Epigenetics platform Cherie uses to help her clients live an optimal life? Click here – to read more about it and set up a 7 day free trial if interested!

Download your copy of Cherie’s special gift here: 8 Ways Epigenetics Can Inspire You To Be A Better Parent  

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Starting With the End in Mind

Modified from: “Starting With the End in Mind” (January 2017)

2017, in the world of Numerology, was a 1 year which is the start of a new 9 year cycle. So it presented an opportunity for you to set your intentions for the time span from 2017 to 2026.

Today, I want to point out, that if 2017 starting a brand new cycle wasn’t exciting enough, 2018 – which you would expect to be a 2 year because it’s following a 1 year… is actually an 11 – which is a master number giving it even more mystique than the 2 would normally provide!

You figure out the number of the year by adding all the numbers together until you get to one digit. 2+0+1+7 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1. There are some numbers that do not get reduced because they have ‘super powers’  (my words, not a numerologist) which is what happens with 2+0+1+8 =  11! As a result, when you look at anything that results in an 11 you assign it special meaning which is further backed by the 2 (1 + 1 = 2) and all the beautiful qualities that number provides.

If you are not familiar with Numerology and want to understand it better, my favorite site is and my favorite Numerologist is Kari Samuels (

According to Kari Samuels in 2017 (a 1 year) we had to learn how to stand up for ourselves and take responsibility for our own happiness. In 2018 your growth will be focused on your relationships – specifically being able to fully stand in your own power – side by side…interdependently like an 11 does.

So, if you want to create healthy and happy relationships, setting strong intentions for 2018 in connection with the 9 year cycle is a great idea.

There’s more to this 11 year than that involving your intuition and such, but for now, my focus is on sharing how and why you want to set up longer goals than one year resolutions (which we all know typically last a month or less) so that you can get the most out of the next 8 years.

Here’s my modified blog/podcast from last January, explaining how to get the most out of the 9 year cycle. I’ve added plenty of side-notes into the blog in case you want to know how to apply things when you aren’t starting at the beginning of the cycle.

This year, you’re working with the next 8 years and you’re especially focusing on standing in your power as it pertains to building strong relationships.

The previous 9 years…

Think about the past 9 years (ending in December 2016). What all happened in your life that came to a peak and either ended or changed course last year? Sometimes it’s hard to know at this point in the journey what is ending, because you don’t realize you’ve actually finished some of the things you have until some time has passed.

In this case, because we are entering into year 2 of the cycle, you have the upper hand. You know what all came to a close in 2016 and even in 2017. You might have resisted some of the endings, and spent a good chunk of 2017 being forced to let go.

If you’re still hanging on to things, you’re probably getting pretty tired of struggling to hang on and had best make this happen before you get a diagnosis or some other significant message from the Universe that you MUST tune in to your needs.

My story

The previous nine year cycle started in 2007. For me, in hindsight, this was when I made the first motion to leave the school division I was currently working for (even though I loved the job dearly). I signed a two year book contract with a self-publishing company and switched a piece of my full-time contract over to a grant position – meaning it would likely not last too many years. It felt like the right thing to do and I was excited to be turning this new corner.

In 2010 I left this position and started full time as an entrepreneur. I wrote a couple books, started presenting on my own (rather than for the school division) and put my energy into creating an on-line business.

Without giving it a lot of thought, if you asked me what the last 9 years had been about I would have said building a business. But that’s actually not true.

You see in 2007 when I decided to commit to writing a book and leave the school division, I knew I was running on fumes and even having the whole summer off wasn’t enough to recharge myself.

Turns out my adrenals were tanked, but I didn’t know that at the time. So the Universe was prompting me to leave a stressful, yet wonderful job, to look after myself better. Instead, I was prepping to leave one stressful job and jump into another very stressful lifestyle – only now, without a regular paycheque.

So in 2010, just before my book launched I was in an accident and suffice it to say, business building had to drop down on my priority list. I found this frustrating at the time and put a lot of energy trying to figure out how I could still be moving my business forwards which is when I wrote my second book and launched my family booster shot cards. In other words, I wasn’t really listening to what the Universe was suggesting, but instead was still pushing myself to create something meaningful.

As I reflect on this period of time I realized that my main focus was on healing myself and taking better care of myself by learning how to recharge my batteries. This included awakening to my divine feminine; developing a strong spiritual connection – which I had previously walked away from because of my confusion with religion; and really applying all that I was learning to my life.

I was being pushed not just to learn concepts to teach others, but to actually live it!

I was also an active parent during this time, although my role was definitely shifting. At the start of the cycle my kids were 11 and 13 and this is exactly where I needed to adapt a little from full on mom, to more of a mentor.

I realized about 4 years into this cycle, that while my husband and I have a good relationship we were starting to drift. He was busy with his life and I was busy with mine. Since the kids didn’t require as much of our focus it was easy to lose touch with each other.

I shifted my energy onto my relationship with my hubby because this is the relationship that had decided about 20 years before to be in for life. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids I’m hoping will also be with me for life, however,  they are both adults now and while I’ll always be their parent it is no longer my job to parent them (now I’m more a cheerleader and safety net).

My relationship with my husband however, does not have the natural bond that I have with my kids. It requires more effort to stay connected.

With the kids I was learning to let-go of that which was never mine in the first place (i.e. making their decisions for them) and trust that all would be well. With my husband I was learning that love is an investment and requires some conscious effort to continue building or at least maintaining while still trusting that all will be well.

So that’s what reflecting on the last 9 years looked like for me. Yours will be totally different and that’s perfect. I encourage you to break your reflections into chunks (kids, partner, friendships, work) and see how your top areas in life have evolved.

Update: It’s amazing to me how 2017 focused on new growth. I launched my podcast with Transformation Talk Radio and began doing interviews. This helped me make many new connections in a different way then I was making them before. This has been a foundational year…setting the stage for something much bigger than I had imagined.

Take a look at 2017 – what new things have you started that could be foundational pieces for the next 8 years? Are there things that should have ended in 2016 that you are still clinging to and hoping you can salvage? How much longer can you hold on? What’s the worst that can happen if you let go?

The next 9 8 years…

Now, it’s time to plan for the next 8 years – using last year to guide you in your planning.

If you missed this last year, here’s how you can use the 9 year cycle to guide you:

Rather than set resolutions or intentions that focus on what you want to change this year, what if you aimed  your attention at the 9 year cycle and what things are the most important to you (areas of priority) for these next eight years.

By thinking about where the whole cycle can take you and then working it backwards to ensure your intentions are steering you in the right direction you naturally start to shift your point of view. Plus…the universe already works in this 9 year pattern, if you use the energies you are naturally surrounded by to help you get the most out of each yearly segment you have a much greater chance of really living the life you have come here to live.

How this might look…

For example, if your kids are currently five and three, then in 9 years they will be 14 and 12. Wow – teenagers. Are you ready? I know it seems like a far way off and as a result, perhaps beyond your control, but what’s really cool about this is that you truly are setting the foundation for what things will be like with your child as a teenager right now.

So, what kind of relationship do you want to have with your child 9 years from now? Do you want to have one where conversations flow easily, where they come to you when they feel pressured by others or bullied? Do you want them to know that you have their back no matter what…or that there is no problem so great it cannot be solved?

What about your relationship with your life partner, or if you don’t have one, where would you like to be in that regard 9 years from now? If you aren’t in a relationship or if you have a challenging relationship, then it is a good time to do some personal analysis on this topic. Do I want a loving a sexual relationship with someone else in my future? What areas might I need to work on to make that happen? Am I good on my own and if so, how am I going to ensure my very critical need for connection to others will still be met?

What about health? Where are you in that department and where would you like to be in 9 years? Given your current trajectory, are you likely to get there? I know this might not sound like a new idea, but in fact for many of us it is. AND what’s really amazing about it, is because this is the start of a nine year cycle even the Universal Energies are ready to help you.

Listen to the podcast for more examples and clarification on how to use the 9 year cycle to your advantage.

Remember… 2018 is an 11 Master Number. It is very much about how to stand in your power, side-by-side, with your significant peeps. This means a lot of your energy will be best spent on cleaning up any relationship struggles that might exist.

Identify any co-dependency issues; get clear on what you need in a relationship and what is okay for you to ask from another; eliminate problematic patterns; set clear boundaries; share expectations; communicate what you need; stand strong for what you believe; practice assertiveness and insist on quality time with your loved ones.

If this is something you are struggling with now, it is almost impossible to change things on your own. I remember someone once saying to me, “You can’t read the label of the jar that you’re in.” There is a lot of truth in that statement.

I can help you figure out where to start, identify problematic patterns, remove blocks, set your boundaries and help make 2018 a year of positive change for you and your family. Set up a complimentary discovery call now or click through my website to see how we might work together.


Align With Your Highest Values & Create an Extraordinary Life with Dr. John Demartini

Meet today’s guest:

Dr John Demartini

Are you fully aware of your highest values in life?

Did you know that what you value actually drives your behaviours?

Have you been informed that as long as you are allowing yourself to waste your energy on low priority things in your life, you’re trapping yourself, devaluing yourself, dis-empowering yourself. ..AND this lack of fulfillment will be projected onto other people – most especially your loved ones?

Give yourself 30 minutes and listen to this Vibrant, Powerful Moms episode where my guest, Dr. John Demartini, highlights what you most need to know about your values so that you can build strong relationships, avoid sinking your energy into things that won’t serve you and create an extraordinary life!

Here are just a few of the words of wisdom shared by Dr. Demartini:

It really doesn’t matter what happens to you in life once you learn to ask the right questions.

The quality of your life is based upon the quality of the questions you ask. If you ask great questions, you can make anything you experience in life be on the way…not IN the way. This allows you to become the master of your destiny rather than a victim of your history.

In truth, you have control over 3 things in life – your perceptions, decisions and actions… which means your experience is always based on;

  • what you perceive to be happening to you
  • what you decide to do with it
  • how you act upon it

AND nothing else!

It is critical you become aware of your highest values…

Every human being on the planet, regardless of age or development, has a set of priorities or values. These things can evolve and change as you grow, but at any moment in life, you have things that are most important to you which dictate your perceptions, decisions and actions.

Anytime you are setting goals and intentions that are aligned to what you value most, you have the highest probability of achieving it, seeing the possibilities, making decisions quickly and taking actions that you will actually see to completion.

When you do things that are high in value, you grow in self-worth, you are spontaneously inspired, you have more fuel and energy, you automatically expand your time and space horizons, and you give yourself permission to do something extraordinary.

On the flip side, anytime you are doing lower priority things you’re devaluing yourself. You’re automatically moving into the lower primitive part of the brain where you want immediate gratification rather than recognizing your long term vision. This shrouds and clouds the clarity of your mission. It also hinders the power that you have to make a difference in the world.

Everything you do is based on what you value – Nobody actually goes to work for the sake of a job. They go to work to fulfill what they value most. Nobody is in a relationship except to fulfill what they value most. .. your identity, your purpose, what you want to learn… everything revolves around your highest value.

Your highest value is the cornerstone to your existence… and so I (Dr. Demartini) help people find out what that is and then structure their life wisely and prioritize according to what they value most.

The magnificence of who you are is far greater than any fantasy you’ll impose on yourself

Nothing is stopping you from having the life that you want except your own time management.

Listen to the show…

  • Find out how you can align with your highest values even when you feel like you don’t have an ideal job or life situation.
  • Learn the 7 areas of life you must empower – because any area you do not empower is an area someone else will overpower.
  • Become aware of how your values can help you link with your life partner and your children to create an extraordinary journey together.
  • Hear how you can use your ‘to do’ list to create a vibrant life rather than setting yourself up for overwhelm.
  • Be enlightened about how gratitude can help keep you aligned with your values
  • And so much more!

Complete your complimentary Value Determination Exercise and become clear on what your highest values really are

If you’re reading this before January 5th, 2018… pick up your extra bonus gift from Dr. Demartini:   The Values Empowerment Factor a presentation on the empowering value of Values

Finally… Before you go to bed at night and first thing when you wake up in the morning… say to yourself,

“I now give myself permission to do something extraordinary on planet earth.  No matter what I’ve done or not done, I am worthy of love and it is impossible for me not to fulfill my mission, it is my destiny.”

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From the World Stage to Chuckie Cheese & Back with Debra Poneman

Meet today’s guest:

Debra Poneman

Debra began transforming lives in the 1970’s where she spent months at a time in deep meditation and taught meditation to thousands. In the1980’s Debra immersed herself in western metaphysical thought and founded Yes to Success Seminars teaching how to harness the power of the mind to manifest your dreams.

With her seminars and speaking career exploding, in 1988 she disappeared from the public eye for 22 years when she chose to follow a new passion – to be a full-time mom at home.

She’s now back as co-founder of Your Year of Miracles mentoring program for women with over 6000 students representing 72 countries and will share with us today the secret ingredients for creating true and lasting success—whatever you choose to do with your life

When my daughter was born, they handed her to me and my heart was so overwhelmed with love… I didn’t want to leave that baby to go to the bathroom, let alone Southeast Asia to film a TV show!

Debra Poneman is a wise soul with a lot of great information to share. Our interview went by in a blink as she captivated me with stories about her kids, her time as a stay-at-home mom, and the importance of following your heart.

She shared how her original intention was to have her first baby and go right back to work. Her career was taking off; she was at the top of her game–speaking throughout the world and with a contract in hand for her own network TV talk.

I remember getting a call from this gentleman in Singapore (I was supposed to go on a tour of Southeast Asia) who said, “I heard you had the baby, let’s get going…let’s get this tour on the schedule.” And I said, “You know, you’re going to have to call me back in 18 years.”

Debra always knew she was put on earth for a purpose and, when you understand that, she says, “you know that it’s not going to go away if you take some time off to be a mom, or to look after your mom, or to hold babies in Uganda, or whatever your heart is pulling you towards at that moment.”

So if it feels like something is pulling you off your career path, Debra’s advice is to follow your heart knowing that it will always lead you to the right place.

The magic question to ask yourself…
What do I need to do right now to make myself happy?

Tune into the podcast to learn all the wonderful words of wisdom Debra shared.  Here are a few of the highlights that jumped out for me:

Our little girls need to see us [moms] to be following our hearts.“Do you think they would want to be the cause for us NOT to be fulfilling our dreams?”

Given the opportunity to do it all again, Debra says she would make space for more enjoyment in being there with her kids – for example, singing in the car on the way home from the grocery store, rather than being on the phone.Many of those tasks that feel so important – phone calls, volunteer work, household tasks – don’t need to trump time with your kids when you look back at them later.

“If I could do anything differently right now, what I would do is be less distracted. I would have been on my cell phone less. When they came to me with a concern or a problem or tears in their eyes, I would have dropped everything, rather than telling them to wait a second because I was finishing up a phone call. Now when I look back I realize that even though I was a mom at home I still managed to fill my time with other nonsense.”

She reminded us that we’re not perfect and we shouldn’t pretend that we are. When you mess up and own your mess-up, your kids see that and learn they don’t have to be perfect either.

Debra shared why she was able to support her son’s choice when he told her at 15 years old he was dropping out of school and how her daughter called her out and showed her how a heart-chosen career serves us all.

Listen to the podcast and get the goods on the above, along with why being omniscient (a nice term for know-it-all) doesn’t serve you as a parent and what you can do instead; how to be happy even when your career isn’t what makes your heart sing; the two things she would absolutely continue to do in her life even if she had to give up her other practices; and more!


CLICK HERE to learn more about Debra’s Your Year of Miracles program and put in the coupon code YOM100 for a $100 discount at checkout!   Note: The 2018 program opens December 26th.

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Secrets to Being a Vibrant Woman

Today I want to talk about some secrets to being a vibrant woman.

Being a vibrant woman is not always easy. It requires you to be proactive, to take the lead in your life and to live mindfully. Vibrancy is more than a healthy body (although the two are closely connected). It also requires you to be self-aware, to be willing to listen to what your body is telling you and to tune-in to the many messages coming your way from a higher power.

This might sound overwhelming and even a little bit scary, but in truth it is simply about living your life in the driver’s seat and ensuring that you are controlling what you can, accepting what you can’t and using your wisdom to know the difference – perhaps you’ve heard this before (it is the Serenity Prayer after all)?

Secret #1: Take full advantage of the moment

This is not a new idea at least not for several years now, yet it is still something most of us struggle with.

When you’re using a moment to recharge yourself, you want to awaken all of your senses…go off auto-pilot…quiet your mind…and be firmly grounded in your body.

This, is not always easy to do.

So let me share an example of how I might do this.  I love green tea so when I sit down with a freshly brewed cup of tea I will often take a moment and empty my mind of all else. I’ll breathe in the smell of the tea, feel the warmth of the mug in my hand, gaze at the colour, taste the full flavour (run it over my whole tongue), even tap my ring against the side of the mug (for some reason I really like that sound). I’ll visualize a chord going from my tailbone down deep into the earth and anchoring me there.

If possible I’ll even take this a step further. Because I love the sun and the feel of grass beneath my feet, I might take my cup of tea outside, stand on the grass, close my eyes and soak in the sun’s rays. While I’m doing this, I hear the birds, the breeze in the trees, feel the grass under my feet, smell the earth, tea and grass…

I call this: In the Moment…for a Moment…and the more moments like this I create in a day the more vibrant I feel.

Now, in my opinion it would be impossible to always tune in to everything. In fact, while recording this podcast, to take full advantage of the moment, I purposely tune out other things in my environment. My eyes flit from my notes, to the time, to a window which I stare out without seeing because I’m deep into what I want to share with you.

Unless my dogs bark or a phone rings, I’m pretty much oblivious to the sounds in my room, except for anything I hear through my headset.

My point is, sometimes to really be in the moment, you need to focus in fully on what you are doing, without distracting yourself unnecessarily.

So the key pieces to taking full advantage of the moment:

Know what you need to be successful and focus in on that, remove distractions and quiet your mind of any extraneous life draining things – like worry, angst about an upcoming event, your to-do list/overwhelm… these things you can do nothing about in the moment – so use your power to help you make things happen in the here and now.

When it comes to living a vibrant life, tune in to your senses as often as you can, consciously shift off autopilot several times a day (especially when those little pleasurable moments arise), quiet your mind of all the chatter and do what you need to do to get fully grounded in your body.

When you put your total focus on the moment itself, you will get more done, do better work, feel more connected to the person you are spending time with and let your radiant self shine through.

Secret #2: Learn how to release stress and rejuvenate yourself on the go

Stress has become a big deal for most of us. So many people are experiencing major health issues, burnout and break-downs from stress. It affects how we parent, how well we communicate and our ability to perform.

However, stress also motivates you to get things done. It lets you know when you are taking on too much and it can help you out when extra stamina is required.

Stress arises every time you try something new, including a new job, moving, holidays, trips, pregnancy, trying a sport or learning a new computer game.

Stress is so closely connected with every aspect of your life it makes sense that you learn how to live with it rather than eliminate it altogether.

The problem is, you may not know how to tune-in to your stress level and listen to what it has to say.

For example, you might be stressed because of a deadline at work. You know this is stressful for you, but you also enjoy your job and recognize this as part and parcel of what you signed up for.

Now let’s say you get a call from the school that your child’s eye is looking pink and you must come and take him to the doctor to make sure it is not the dreaded and very contagious pink-eye.

Suddenly you are far more stressed. You are not really concerned about the pink-eye, because he seemed healthy enough this morning, but you are very concerned about your deadline and the fact that you now have to create a plan to deal with this situation. Maybe you’ll even have to leave work and find a walk-in that will see your child…which means you might spend half the afternoon in a waiting room!

Not to mention, the school has somehow made you feel dirty – by suggesting your child is contagious. You suddenly realize your child is probably super anxious, because he hates being singled out in any situation… and what if you’re wrong and he really is sick…what kind of parent, ignores their child’s puffy red eye just because they are busy at work?

Can you see how stress, when you are already stressed, tends to create excess worry? How the mind takes over and starts you second guessing yourself?

The call from the school on its own might not have been a big deal, but when added in with the rest of your circumstance and a run-away brain…trouble arises.

In the handout above, I tell you how to use an elastic to help you understand your stress level, find your sweet spot and how to keep the two in check.

The simple answer to dealing with stress is to become aware of how much stress you are dealing with, learn where your sweet spot is (the amount of stress that motivates you without hurting your health), and then learn a variety of great tools to help decrease the negative effects when your numbers starts to rise.

Here’s some tool examples: Deep breathing; a daily ounce of dark chocolate (it burns off cortisol – really!); vitamin C also burns off cortisol; mindfulness; meditation; yoga; walking barefoot on the grass; petting your dog, cat, ferret…; time with friends; quality hugs; laughter.

Become aware of how stress feels in your body – where you feel tension; how far your patience level drops – so you can take action and spend more time in the sweet spot.

For the other 3 secrets listen to the podcast and/or pick up the complimentary report offered in our banner above…Enjoy!


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