On Your Own

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Our mission is to spread peace and harmony on the planet, by reconnecting moms with their Vibrant, Powerful Self…so that they can raise kids who are self-aware, compassionate and ready to take on the world!

Are you a vibrant, powerful mom?

If so, we’d love to have you join our mission to awaken others and prepare our future generations with skills and ways of being, to help us all create a better tomorrow.

If not, would you like to be?

Our programs will help you reconnect with your vibrant, powerful self. We have options ranging from complimentary all the way to intensive individual attention.  So, take a peek and see which of our offers will work best for you!

“Working with Debbie is like receiving a breath of fresh air when life seems overwhelming. Her wisdom and guidance is invaluable in learning how to live a happier calmer life.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending Debbie’s professional development program (Connecting with the Inner Goddess), listening to Parenting seminars, reading her book Break Free of Parenting Pressures and having some 1-1 parenting consulting sessions.”

Shawnda Muir
Mom and Author of Cancer Scores a Hat Trick

 Check out our Vibrant, Powerful Moms podcast…a new show airs weekly on Transformation Talk Radio (and then goes out to 90 other outlets) so you can download and listen whenever and wherever you are.

Scan the episodes on our blog to figure out which ones call to you the loudest, or click the picture and use the podcast widget to listen to whichever one you choose (hint: if you like the option of pausing during the podcast, be sure to download rather than stream…that way you don’t have to start over when you’re ready to continue)!

We offer complimentary discovery calls to help you determine how we might best work together. Our goal is not to ‘lure’ you into a program, but to help you figure out how you might join us in our big mission. If nothing else, you will find several ebook, audio and report giveaways on this page as well.


If you prefer to go it alone, be sure to get your freebies from our giveaway page and also check out the books, audios, games and bundles available in our store. We also have an Awesome Resources page sharing other people’s products. When it comes to creating a truly vibrant and powerful life, it’s always nice to gain a variety of perspectives!

“I purchased your Break Free of Parenting Pressures book sometime ago and I absolutely love it, both from a parent viewpoint as well as parent educator. It is an excellent support for parents of children of any age and an easy read with many practical suggestions. The “Girls Club” meeting to connect with preteens/teens was a great idea and worked well with my 13 year old daughter in enhancing our relationship.

As a parent educator, I also loved the hands on exercises provided for parents and teaching children respect by offering them the opportunity to try again. Thank you for a wonderful parent resource book!”

Bonnie, BA, CYW
Mother of 2, Parent Educator

Virtual programs that allow you to participate from the comfort of your own home are an excellent way to be part of something without needing to plan for childcare, make travel arrangements or invest a lot of money.

Besides our Sisterhood of Vibrant, Powerful Moms, Webinars and ROVE’ing group, we also offer…


Vibrant Sessions – Debbie loves to work with self-formed groups that are eager to learn. This can be done in person, over the phone, as live internet session…or any other way that makes sense for all involved. These would be tailored to meet the needs of your group in regards to topic and the price would be determined via a phone conversation at a pre-arranged time.   Set up a no-obligation discovery call to see what we can set up for you (we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accommodating we are)!

“I got more than I expected from the Vibrant, Powerful Mom, Personal Coaching Program. Before the program began I had trouble speaking up. Now I am recognizing those feelings and listening to them. If I have a clear opinion on the matter I talk myself into speaking up.  It is still hard, but I remember to breathe and ask myself what it is I want.


A few of the many benefits I gained from this program are: increased self-awareness; enhanced self-love; feeling more alive; trusting and using my intuition more; being more in awe of the universe and how it works; realizing that I do belong, I am enough, I am worthy and what I have to say matters.


By the end of the program I really felt I could take on the world.  I feel an energy, excitement and confidence that I have not felt in a very long time. Thank you for providing me with the tools to take back my power and to stand grounded and strong. You are a beacon of light in my life and I am so thankful for your guidance.”

Krista S
Reawakened Vibrant Mom

Working one-on-one with Debbie is very focused, and still a whole lot of fun. We offer opportunities to work closely with Debbie for 1/2 days, full days or even 90 days in a row.

Finally, we offer rejuvenating retreats. An opportunity for you to get away from it all… unplug, recharge, make friends, integrate information… and return home refreshed and ready to go.

We all hide in our shadow at times, but when it starts to happen on a regular basis it decreases your quality of life, damages your relationships, increases stress and can cause all kinds of health concerns (like depression, fatigue, digestive issues, etc).


Believe in yourself… Know that you are perfect just as you are and that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect at everything you do. You’ll feel at your absolute best when you are learning and growing, but that’s not because you are broken or missing something now. When you really accept this and allow it to govern your every move you will move out of your shadow with ease and shift into the vibrant and powerful life you deserve.

It’s time to make a change and
our mission is to change the world for the better.

We really hope you will join us!