I'm looking for moms who want to create a powerful life, foster peace on earth and make a difference for future generations...

When I became pregnant with my first child I clearly remember how badly I wanted to be the best mom I could possibly be. That feeling never really left me, although I admit there were days when my frustrations almost got the best of me and I thought about just putting my foot down and forcing my kids to listen. Thankfully, I didn't go there, because deep down inside I sensed it was unlikely to make parenting easier in the long run and would leave me feeling like I had given up on something very important to me.

Since then, I've realized that being a great mom was only part of the equation. As I learned about natural health (out of necessity mostly) and became more aware of things like vibrational energies, intuition, the divine feminine and more...I began to see that what I wanted to share was much bigger than parenting tips and tools.

I want to help women create the best life they possibly can and by doing that help to spread peace on earth while making a positive difference for our children and grandchildren.

This sounds like such a huge project and in some ways it is...but in many ways it's not. You see it all starts with every one of us reclaiming our personal power, establishing harmony in our own homes/relationships and raising our kids in ways that brings out the absolute best in them.  It involves collaboration, compassion and creativity...all things that I believe naturally arise when a group of like-minded individuals work together. Pregnant mom and son.

So I'm looking for women who are consciously striving to better themselves; who want to be the best parent they can be while recognizing they will never be - and don't need to be - perfect; who are curious why they react the way they do; who want to bring out the best in their child (and spouse!); and who are open to brainstorming creative ideas for how they can handle some of the hurdles they face.

This opportunity is...

For women – we are going to talk about natural health, ways to recharge your batteries, tools for reconnecting you with your vibrant & powerful self, differences between guys and gals,building strong relationships and so much more!

If you feel a pull to join this sisterhood and you are not currently parenting...sign-up anyway.

Virtual – I love getting women together in a room – to feel the strength, see them as they laugh and allow body language to set the stage for open conversation. But this doesn't always work for moms with babies or kids who require a sitter for them to go out. As a result we're going to do this virtually -  on the phone (with mute buttons for those who have a noisy house), on Facebook Live and other nifty modes of communication like Zoom. There will be recordings of everything… so you can listen later if you feel you missed something or just want to re-listen to ensure you understood.

Safe – this is going to be a virtual room for sharing, wondering, creating and – when we really need it – venting. We will address any judgment that arises so that we can all learn and grow from it. We will have boundaries for our group to operate in, yet freedom to express those things that need to be said.

Cutting edge – we will be touching on topics that really matter to your daily existence – most of which will arise from our group itself. I have ideas of what I'd like to share…however what we talk about each week will be based on the needs and desires of the group - not my idea of what you need. Together we can grow further and faster than we ever could by ourselves.

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Did you know – the same skills that help us to be better parents help us in all relationships?  Being a great parent sets us up to be a great boss, neighbor, friend, colleague…

Sample topics:

  • Being a conscious parent – how do you fine tune your parenting to ensure you aren't just protecting but also teaching your child the skills he or she will need to lead a healthy, productive life?
  • Parenting tools – how to creatively adapt what you already do (or plan to do) so that your tools feel familiar, are respectful and get the job done.
  • Self-care – how does a very busy mother fit self-care into her life in a way that doesn't add stress and allows her to model this important life skill to her child ?
  • Hormones and other health related pieces – what do you as a woman need to know about your hormones, your diet, your lifestyle and the current medical system so that you can be at your best for many years to come.
  • Stress busting – why is stress such a hot topic and what can you do to ensure you are dealing with this challenge in a productive, healthy way?
  • Understanding Differences – how can things like gender differences and Divine Feminine/Masculine Energies affect you and what do you need to know to have them work in your favour?

praying momBesides our topic of choice for the week, every session will also include a "Making it real" conversation – an opportunity for one or two sisters to share something they are wondering about (or struggling with) and use the power of the group to witness, validate and, if desired, brainstorm creative ways to deal with it. These topics are limited by your imagination only.

If being part of a group that has your back, is willing to help you get your creative juices flowing and empowers you to be the best mom you can be sounds appealing I urge you to register. This will reserve your spot while we swap information to ensure the group will meet your needs.  I will also schedule a call with you prior to our sessions beginning to talk 1:1 about your desires for the program. If you have any concerns that can't wait for the call, please feel free to message me on facebook or send an email to debbie@empoweringnrg.com.


To thrive in today's world you need to be skilled in emotional control, relationship building and social practices – like communication. Do you know how to teach these things to your child and, if so, are you successfully doing so?

Program benefits:

  • Increased confidence, awareness and feminine mojo
  • Decreased stress and great tools for keeping it in the sweet spot
  • Stronger relationships with your child, your partner, your colleagues…
  • Better understanding of your parenting pack and flowing creativitiy for adjusting your favorite tools
  • More developed awareness of self-regulation pathways along with fun games for promoting its development
  • Greater ability to use your parent power in positive ways – which means maximum benefit rather than premature draining
  • Awareness of your natural strengths as a parent so you can use these gifts to your advantage
  • Increased personal power and vibrancy as well as an ongoing sisterhood to access in times of need

Warning! These sessions may get you laughing against your will… which could potentially make your tummy muscles sore, cause small amounts of urine to escape along with breast milk (due to significant amounts of oxytocin – the love hormone – being released...but only if you're currently breastfeeding) and, in extreme cases may even wake sleeping babies.  I apologize in advance for any messes caused as a result but believe the risk is worth it.

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Being a great parent isn't about having all the answers as much as it's about understanding what you are teaching and why. Where would you rate your level of self-awareness?

What you'll get:

  • 8 Weekly telephone or Facebook Live sessions with critical content, practical real-life suggestions and opportunities to learn from the other moms in the group.
  • MP3 recordings of each class.
  • Direct access to Debbie on group calls.
  • Bonus material on surprise topics of interest.
  • Membership on a private Facebook page where you can ask questions (Debbie will pop on regularly to join the conversation), interact with the other mothers, receive extra tips and ask questions.
  • Opportunity to interact with Debbie between sessions (on Facebook or via email) asking for clarification on group discussions, suggesting topics, or searching for other content

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Act now and receive a Digital Version of the Award Winning Family Booster Shots Cards - over 52 ways to ensure family time is quality time!

As an added bonus, I will also add some extra time onto our 1:1 call so that you can ask a question on a topic of your choice for us to brainstorm together. Examples of concerns that have come up: parenting challenges; relationship issues with partner or work colleague; trouble with school situations; bullying ...

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All of our programs come with a no-hassle money back guarantee.  If, at any time during the program you feel you are not receiving value for your money, send us an email explaining why and we’ll refund you your full investment.

Debbie has an amazing talent for supporting people on their journey as parents. She is never judgmental but instead, empathizes with parents who have challenges raising children. Her book is really full of practical, realistic strategies for all ages and all personalities. I highly recommend Debbie.

Trisha Sveistrup
Parent & World Class Speaking Coach, Toronto, Ontario
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Debbie Pokornik is a mother, natural health nut, dedicated dog owner, award winning author, social worker and enlightenment guide. She is the Chief Empowerment Officer for her company, Empowering NRG which guides moms to move out of their shadow and into their power at work, home and at play.

Debbie is author of the award winning Break Free of Parenting Pressures, Standing in Your Power and (triple award winning) Family Booster Shot Cards.