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Virtual experiences are a wonderful way to make positive changes in your life. Economical as well as flexible enough to fit any schedule, they are awesome - providing you have the self discipline to actually put what you are learning into practice.

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 The Sisterhood of Vibrant, Powerful Moms is actively looking for moms who are interested in spreading peace on the planet, by increasing awareness, compassion, collaboration and other important skills for our future generations. There is power in numbers especially when it's a group of like-minded women working together.  Join us!

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We can all use regular pick-me-ups, reminders + guidance to shift into the best version of ourselves. Webinar sessions are short, typically one time opportunities to learn about a topic of interest in a affordable way. Check out our upcoming sessions and get on our webinar list here.

Sign-up for small group 'ROVE'ing

ROVE stands for Raise Our Vibrational Energy and that's exactly what this group focuses on doing. Members receive regular (gentle) reminders on how to ROVE and once per month we do a zoom or live-stream session to raise the energy on the planet. As a member of this group your main task is to notice your vibrational energy and strive to keep it up on a regular basis. It's a small commitment that truly can make a huge difference to the world!

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