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Awards:  McNally Robinson Bestseller (3 weeks) Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars

Do you ever find yourself wondering;

Why do I compare my life to others and feel like I don’t measure up?

Why do I commit to so many things when my life is already so crowded?

Why do I shy away from standing strong when people question or challenge me?

Being perfect at being you, does not mean you have to have all the answers.  In Standing in Your Power;  A Guide for Living Your Life Fully Awake, author Debbie Pokornik, BA, BSW uses her unique abilities to help you increase your self-awareness and decrease that unrelenting pressure to “do it right”.

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Originally self-published (2012) This book has been picked up by Motivational Press and re-released 2014.

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“In a time when women have made huge strides in overcoming obstacles in areas of education, career, standard of living and freedom from harassment, we appear to be at an all time low for life satisfaction.”

The pull on the feminine to make changes is real. Some are drawn to it by health concerns, others through relationship breakdown and still others by a mysterious force that they can’t quite describe. People are looking for answers, guidance and permission to begin exploring.

My message to women is simple – being perfect at being you does not mean you have to have all the answers. Rushing through life on auto-pilot might have worked in the past, but it is no longer an option. The pull from the Universe is telling us it’s time to wake up, tune in and experience every bump on the journey.

Debbie Pokornik

Acclaim for Standing in Your Power

“This thoughtfully written book will be joyfully devoured by any woman seeking validation, empowerment and tools to grow forward.”

Stephanie Staples author of When Enlightening Strikes –Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success

“I love the way Debbie intersperses words of wisdom with stories that captured my attention in an empathetic embrace and bring life to the concepts she shares.  With gentle and loving guidance, Debbie helps the reader peel back the mind’s layers to reveal beliefs that shape one’s life, and then offers practical steps to apply the concepts in one’s own life.”

Maggie Reigh, author of 9 Ways to Bring Out the best in You & Your Child

“Standing in Your Power not only reveals sound principles and tools which can quickly move you along your path of personal growth, but also introduces you to a wonderful, relatable character named Jane who represents our very human struggle with being our best selves.  Consider this book your manual for discovering the power you already have within you!”

Deb Dawson-Dunn, life coach, speaker and owner of Get It Dunn

“Debbie teaches you how to tap into your feminine wisdom and be more alert to your emotional energy.  This book offers a wealth of insights on how to change what isn’t working in your life, be holistically assertive and personally empowered.”

Jacquie Nagy, owner of Holistic Directions Inc., NLP trainer and performance coach

“Debbie Pokornik uses her outstanding skills of persuasion to present a straight-forward and engaging read.  She helps us to ‘wake up’, embrace change, and live an empowered life.  We can all relate to the character, Jane’s, journey; and through learning about her, we find out how to ‘take a stand’ and propel our own personal development pathway.  I recommend this book to anyone looking for a relatable reference for living their best life.”

Deri Latimer, inspirational speaker and author of Wake Up to Your Habits

“Standing in Your Power is like a ‘toolbox’ to getting what you want in life and discovering your inner strength and beauty in the process. Use this book to help you release negative energy and let “Jane” guide you to embrace your life’s journey!”

 Diane Drawbridge, school principal

“I know from personal experience and from my coaching and consulting work with women business owners just how hard it is for women to truly claim their own power. Exploring limiting beliefs like aggression vs. assertion, and learning how to tune in to your own body and guidance system is invaluable and life changing. Debbie, and the story of Jane, do a wonderful job of “gently shoving” the reader toward a new source of power – the one each one of us already has.”

  Sherri Garrity, consultant and equine guided learning coach

“Standing in Your Power is thoroughly engaging on many levels. First of all, Debbie Pokornik is a wonderful writer, so while you’re gently tugged through your own a-ha’s and the author’s many insights about your personal life journey, you will absolutely delight in the ride. Secondly, this is a book you’ll actually use. You’ll want to have a good supply of highlighters and a place to take notes as you read. Pokornik’s book is so chock-full of sound advice, thought-provoking wisdom, and practical solutions, you’ll feel compelled to record details and your own reminders – I foresee my own copy as soon-to-be dog-eared and filled with sticky notes. I’ll use this book with my own business coaching clients, who sometimes make their own journeys ‘harder and less enjoyable,’ for sure.”

Marcia Hoeck, helping values-based entrepreneurs reach their goals faster with A Purposeful

“Standing in Your Poweris a wonderful book full of wisdom, entertaining stories, practical tips and exercises for discovering your potential as a human being and living a happy and confident life. Whether you are looking for radical improvement in your life, or just continuous personal development, I highly recommend this book to guide you through finding your personal power to live your best life.”

Shawnda Muir, author of Cancer Scores a Hat Trick; Lessons About Living Life to the Fullest

“Standing in Your Power is a well-written book, filled with hope and optimism.  As I was reading, I felt like I was interacting with a trusted, supportive friend. I enjoyed the strategies for enhancing confidence, acceptance, and self-awareness and have already begun to implement some of the goddess tips. As a result of reading this book I feel energized and less nervous about making changes in my life.”

Catherine Tsagarakis, PhD, C. Psych.

“The hardest thing for me to do is ask for help whether personally or professionally. Realizing it is not a sign of weakness was a real eye-opener for me . . . we all need help and support from others at different points in our lives and that’s ok.  Debbie’s ability to show woman they are strong, smart, perfect in their own right and have the capacity to stand in their power will inspire all who read this book.”

Rhonda Taylor, working mom and Regional Manager for Frontier College

“We, society as a whole, are on the cusp of much needed positive change.  Think of this book as the catalyst for working in that direction!  We are women; hear us roar; you know, as we raise the bar for ourselves and for the next generation.  Learn and grow while laughing and crying, it really is the best way.  This book is for everyone who wants the best for themselves, and who doesn’t want the best?”

Frances Cooper, mom, artist, engineering aide

“If you are so busy “doing” that you forget to feel the joy, love and fulfillment of a life well lived, then this book is for you.  Standing in Your Power will teach you simple ways to connect to your core and provide a reminder that you, being you, is exactly right.”

Dr. Lori Petrilli, chiropractor

“Debbie Pokornik’s book provides ideas that are thought provoking and soul searching.  Her stories of real life situations are very relevant.  Through gentle persuasion, she provides tools so you can examine your own journey and look inward to “Live Your Life Fully Awake.”

Helen Dyrkacz, professional speaker, trainer, and facilitator

“Do you sense that something is missing in your life but you’re not sure what? Then you must read Standing In Your Power. You will not only learn how to tap into your Inner Wisdom but discover what you are really here on this Earth for.”

Trisha Sveistrup,

“Reading ‘Standing in Your Power’ is like having a cup of tea and a chat with a good friend.  Debbie writes in an everyday conversational style, but gets right to the heart of what many woman are feeling.  Following ‘Jane’ we are able to relate to her troubles which allow us to take a step back and look at our own life objectively.  Doing so, and with Debbie’s guidance we start to accept new possibilities.”

Noreen Kolesar, speaker and owner of Mindstage


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