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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should listen to these podcasts?

These podcasts are created for everyday people (moms especially) who are ready to create an extraordinary life. Often it is the simple, little things you do every day that will have the greatest influence on your overall life experience. Our host, Debbie Pokornik, will share thoughts, tips and stories on a variety of topics dealing with self-awareness, relationship building, healthy living, parenting, emotional intelligence and spirituality.

So, whether you’re a mom who’s struggling to reconnect with her vibrancy and power; a commuter who’s looking for something upbeat and informative to listen to during your travels; or a proactive learner who’s already well versed in living an awakened life, these podcasts are created for you.

What can I do to help this podcast grow?

1: Subscribe to our podcast which tells iTunes and Spreaker you like our stuff and feels great for us!

2: Share our podcast on social media – tell others what you like, send to friends and basically just help us get the message out there.

3: Write a review – feedback matters, we encourage you to write a review, leave a comment and send us a note about what you like, what you’d like more of, or whatever else feels relevant.

Where can I find the transcripts?

Whether you’re in a public environment and forgotten your earbuds or you would simply rather scan a written page for the  quick version of the underlying message, we post our podcast transcripts weekly on our blog page

How often are the podcasts posted?

The plan for now is to post weekly – please let us know if you’d like to see this increase.

Do you do interviews?

For now Debbie is sharing tips, stories and awesome content on a variety of great topics with the idea that she will add in interviews at a later time. If you know someone who you think would make a great guest for the show, please have them contact us at our support email below.

How do I contact you?

Please post reviews directly on iTunes, Spreaker or our blog and send questions, comments, topic suggestions to LJempoweringNRG@gmail.com   Note: emails to us will only be responded to during our regular working hours.




000_overview                    001_inner_critic                 002_cortisol               003_neutral_events  




004_relationship_building   005_parent_power   006_building_resiliency        007_genuine_apologies




008_ego                     009_stress_1                010_stress_2            011_discipline

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012_discipline_2              013_plate             014_it’s_time               015_awakeningvpm-c-16vpm-c-17vpm-c-18vpm-c-19




 016_your_power                 017_respect          018_boundaries             019_feelings







020_soothe                021_emotions                  022_perspective              023_habits







024_fifty       025_energies             026_pleasure           027_sibling_rivalry




028_guilt                      029_new_year_new_start              030_inner_critic            031_moments




032_family_of_origin     033_personalities       034_finding_time