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To thrive in today’s world you need to be self aware, have tools to help you stay healthy and know how to build strong, positive relationships.  These Standing in Your Power Presentations are geared at helping both genders tune into their inner wisdom and strive to reach their full potential.

“Debbie is very adept at engaging all participants. The students and moms alike enjoyed her use of humour and flexible style. The practical ‘doable’ strategies she shared for dealing with stress and understanding how to work through your worries was especially helpful. I also really liked how she gave ‘permission’ (in fact insisted) we all take time for pleasure in our life. Finally, the colouring page was a definite hit that – in the words of one of our participants – allowed us to really focus on what she was saying. This is the second time I had Debbie speak at this event and both times the positive vibe throughout the presentation made it a perfect fit for a Women’s Wellness Day.”

Jackie Dolynchuk
CSW, Children of the Earth

Standing in Your Power in the Beginning

Standing in Your Power always begins with self-awareness. Identifying what you might be doing to hold yourself back, what areas are beyond your control and what tools you can use to help you implement the changes you desire is a great place to start. Becoming aware of common roadblocks, limiting beliefs and patterns of self-destruction can help you move beyond them.

Even an Elastic Can Only Stretch So Far; Tips and Tools for Standing in Your Power and Avoiding that Breaking Point

We live in a time when overwhelm and over-connection are starting fires everywhere. In some cases it’s the work environment and the nature of the job that creates the potential for burn out or compassion fatigue. In others it’s a lack of understanding of how to turn off at the end of the day or what you can do to recharge your batteries on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, this session is packed with ideas to help people detach, unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate.

“Debbie has a unique way of gaining attention from her audience. Her sense of humor added into her presentation which was very realistic in our daily routines. The information she shared with us is something that should be second nature, but so frequently we get side-tracked and lose sight of the little things that we should be grateful for. Incorporating the N.E.T. strategy into our everyday living helps us to focus on the most positive events of our days – in return is a much healthier way to live. It’s a skill that not only can be used at work – but at home as well. Thanks Debbie for helping us re-boot/re-focus our positive energies.”

Cheryl Kilburn

Standing in Your Power at Work

To thrive in today’s world you need to be skilled in communication, emotional control, self awareness and relationship building. Standing in Your Power is about knowing what makes you tick, learning tools, skills and practices to help you work towards your full potential and, perhaps most importantly, developing a process for putting what you have learned into action. When a group of people are standing in their power you’ll see effective collaboration as well as increased productivity, creativity and communication.

“Debbie has a very interactive presentation style.  Her personal sharing of her own experiences gave a “real life” to our own situations and those of our parents we work with. Debbie gave great ideas for facilitators to lead group sessions and to talk and listen to parents along with great ideas to empower parents.”

Karen Naumiuk
Winnipeg 1 School Division

Standing in Your Power in a New Job

You’ve completed your training, earned the certificate, found a job and are ready to start the next phase of your life. Everything would be perfect, except for the fact that you still feel unprepared… like you might be the only one who didn’t fully understand all of the lessons. Experiencing self-doubt, uncertainty, fear and awkwardness is way more common than most of us would think which causes increased anxiety, lowered self-confidence and a decreased ability to do great work at your new job.   In this presentation we’re going to talk about;

  • How understanding this common problem will make things easier for you
  • What you can do to speed through the uncomfortable stages, and
  • What you might be doing to add to the discomfort and make things even harder on yourself than they need to be

Starting something new will always come with challenges. Having the skills and the knowledge to help you deal with them as easily as possible will decrease your stress and help you stand in your power with confidence.

Standing in Your Power When Life Knocks You Down

Learning how to TUCK’N ROLL when bad things happen is challenging. Becoming aware of your own strengths and creativity can help you cultivate resiliency and navigate change so that you can put your energy where it will make the greatest difference. Having experienced several difficult experiences (including falling from a chair lift and losing her house to a flood) Debbie has come to understand life changing moments quite well. Once you learn the TUCK’N ROLL system you’ll almost dare bad things to happen (almost!).

“I was very impressed by Debbie’s ability to engage the staff so fully. As the presentation was after a full day of meetings and dinner it was wonderful to see everyone participate fully. Looking around the room during the presentation you could see the participants smiling and nodding in agreement at many of Debbie’s statements. Throughout discussions the day after the presentation, Debbie’s message was brought up numerous times, so it was obvious her statements impacted the group.”

Mandy Lewick