Family Booster Shots

Winner of Academics’ Choice, PTPA (Parent tested, Parent Approved) and Mom’s Choice Awards!

Family Booster Shots provide creative ideas to help your family enhance relationships, boost creativity, strengthen pathways in the brain, increase awareness and have fun!

Great for restaurants, travel, quiet time at home, dinner conversation and classroom or group activities.

These durable laminated cards come with 52 activities as well as an e-book providing variations, age adjustment ideas and in-depth explanations for some of the skills.

Fun for kids aged 3 – 15 and ideal for the 5 – 12 age range.

Pick up your deck today and watch your creativity and relationship with your child blossom! 

Family booster cards are very interesting for the family to engage in playing and spending valuable time together. 

PTPA Parent Tester/Evaluator

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My kids are a little younger but they were able to do some of the booster cards and enjoyed the entertainment level and using their creative side to have fun

PTPA parent tester/evaluator

Ways you might use these cards. . .

√ Select a card of the week to inspire your creativity and make family time fantastic!

√ Pull the cards out anytime your family is ready to do an activity together and choose one that fits.

√ Pick out a selection of cards that provide ideas you can use while travelling.

√ Buy a deck for a baby shower gift, seasonal present or for a newly blended family.

√ Give decks out as prizes at an event involving young families or to clients with young families.

√ Invite Debbie to speak at your event and provide decks of cards to participants (or one card each) as a way to reinforce the program message.

√ Contact your child’s school and suggest they use the cards as ideas for their health curriculum or ‘in-door’ recesses.

 Wishing you much success and enjoyment!

Other PTPA parent tester/evaluator comments:

I thought the product contained some very well thought out educational components. I think it had some very great ideas, scenarios and activities for the family to do. 

Family booster cards are a nice way to spend valuable family time with each other. These activities help let our brain exercise and allows us to provide inner strength and wisdom for ourselves. It is a great tool to get creative, increase awareness and also have fun together. I would give this to families with kids who love to spend family time together and families who need to spend time with each other. I think this would help strengthen their relationship and hopefully they would have fun with it as well.

I loved the ideas and suggestions on how to involve the older age groups. The younger kids were very enthusiastic to try the activities. Some of the topics were great dinner conversation topics. For example; If you had a million dollars, I would… 

It really made the kids and parents think about reconnecting with the family and learning something new about each other. 

I found that all the ideas that they gave you to work with were if not educational they were issues that need to be discussed as a family and this provokes great family conversation and makes for time well spent together. 


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