We believe every parent will benefit from support at some point in their parenting experience.


Are you a proactive mom who wants to be the best mom she can be?

Check out our Vibrant, Powerful Mom Programs (below) created specifically for you!

“Working with Debbie is like receiving a breath of fresh air when life seems overwhelming. Her wisdom and guidance is invaluable in learning how to live a happier calmer life.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending Debbie’s professional development program (Connecting with the Inner Goddess), listening to Parenting seminars, reading her book Break Free of Parenting Pressures and having some 1-1 parenting consulting sessions.”

Shawnda Muir
Mom and Author of Cancer Scores a Hat Trick

vpm-p-recognize-importanceVibrant, Powerful Mom Programs:

90 Days to the Best You – In this program you work one on one with Debbie and receive individual guidance to help you master the many tools and insights you will be receiving. Common benefits:

  • Decreased self-doubt, second guessing and limited thinking
  • Increased self-awareness, confidence and ability to speak up when needed
  • Understanding of tools to de-stress, enhance your parenting prowess and reconnect with your inner wisdom
  • Ability to speak in ways that gets your message across and leaves the door open for others to want to talk…

Sessions are set up to work best with your schedule and typically include 1 weekly phone (or skype) calls and regular emails. It is tailored to fit your needs and is guaranteed to provide results. Because it involves such intimate work with Debbie spots are limited and a discovery session is required prior to sign-up.

“I got more than I expected from the Vibrant, Powerful Mom, Personal Coaching Program. Before the program began I had trouble speaking up. Now I am recognizing those feelings and listening to them. If I have a clear opinion on the matter I talk myself into speaking up.  It is still hard, but I remember to breathe and ask myself what it is I want.

A few of the many benefits I gained from this program are: increased self-awareness; enhanced self-love; feeling more alive; trusting and using my intuition more; being more in awe of the universe and how it works; realizing that I do belong, I am enough, I am worthy and what I have to say matters.

By the end of the program I really felt I could take on the world.  I feel an energy, excitement and confidence that I have not felt in a very long time. Thank you for providing me with the tools to take back my power and to stand grounded and strong. You are a beacon of light in my life and I am so thankful for your guidance.”

Krista S
Reawakened Vibrant Mom

vpm-p-will-to-putVibrant Powerful Moms Group – This program is similar to the 90 day individual work except it goes for 8 weeks, it involves a small group of participants and (besides the benefits listed above) has the added potential of creating a sisterhood you can be part of for years to come. Debbie will be available for questions on the weekly phone calls (recordings provided) and will regularly check in on the Facebook group page.  Check it out here.

Vibrant Sessions – Debbie loves to work with self-formed groups that are eager to learn. This can be done in person, over the phone, as live internet session…or any other way that makes sense for all involved. These would be tailored to meet the needs of your group in regards to topic and the price would be determined via a phone conversation at a pre-arranged time.   Call us or send an and we can discuss it further (absolutely NO obligation).

Being a Vibrant Powerful Mom (on your own) – Check out our selection of videos, audios, books, e-books and cards as well as our complimentary podcast and bring out your vibrant, powerful self on your own. There is no right or wrong way to awaken … all that’s important is that you do it. Check out our resources here.

“I purchased your Break Free of Parenting Pressures book sometime ago and I absolutely love it, both from a parent viewpoint as well as parent educator. It is an excellent support for parents of children of any age and an easy read with many practical suggestions. The “Girls Club” meeting to connect with preteens/teens was a great idea and worked well with my 13 year old daughter in enhancing our relationship. As a parent educator, I also loved the hands on exercises provided for parents and teaching children respect by offering them the opportunity to try again. Thank you for a wonderful parent resource book!”

Bonnie, BA, CYW
Mother of 2, Parent Educator

Vibrant, Powerful Mom Retreat –   Grab your BFF, your daughter, your mother (any woman you’d like to experience something amazing with) or come on your own…just make plans to join us at our next VPM Retreat. This time is all about you so you don’t have to be actively parenting to benefit. These opportunities provide a perfect blend of nature (unless they’re on-line, then the nature part is up to you), healthy lifestyle, skill development, relationship building and R & R to help you bring out the best in yourself in every way.

Retreating – the act of stepping out of life and into the recesses of your inner world – is a feminine act. A downbeat in our varied rhythms, it’s the ultimate way to slow down and pay attention. 

Sara Avant Stover
The Way of the Happy Woman

vpm-p-relationship-w-selfBelieve in yourself… Know that you are perfect just as you are and everything else you do is icing. You’ll feel at your absolute best when you are learning and growing, but this doesn’t mean you are broken or missing something now. When you really accept this and allow it to govern your every move you will move out of your shadow with ease and start living the empowered and energized life you deserve.

A few signs that you might be hiding in your shadow:

  • You have trouble telling people you don’t like the way they are speaking to you even though it is hurting your feelings, because you don’t want to cause a bigger problem or be seen as a whiner
  • You feel guilty or undeserving of taking time for yourself, especially when you have a long ‘to do’ list to get done
  • You believe you are a disappointment to significant people in your life and wish you could change it
  • When people give you a compliment you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed and usually try to deflect it
  • You believe that when things go wrong it is likely your fault and/or punishment for something you have done (i.e. like being overconfident)

We all hide in our shadow at times, but when it starts to happen on a regular basis it decreases our quality of life, damages our relationships, increases stress and can cause all kinds of health concerns (like depression, fatigue, digestive issues, etc).  We can help… contact us today!