I Don’t Want to Punish My Child, But What Else Can I Do?

Does it seem as if the only time your child listens to you is when you resort to punishment, leaving you feeling yucky and unsure if you're fit to be a parent?

Or maybe you don't mind using punishment, but even with that, it feels like you're pushing a boulder uphill because your child just doesn't seem to care.

The truth is, unless you're raising your child to fear you, punishment is not going to work. Unfortunately, that's all most of us know, so we try to 'soften' our tactics, but then our kids REALLY don't listen and before we know it, we're screaming, or threatening, or just generally behaving in a way we wouldn't want the world to see.

This e-book is written for parents, teachers, daycare workers and anyone who would like to understand how discipline works and how they can use it more easily. It provides insight into why punishment is no longer valid for most of us and shares clear "doable" steps you can use right away to start making changes with your kids or students.

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