Feeling pulled to make a change, but uncertain how to proceed?

Ready to disconnect from patterns that are holding you back
so you can build strong, healthy relationships and have better control over your life?

Tired of feeling guilty for wanting more when you should just be satisfied with your pretty average life?

Empowering NRG offers programs that help participants become aware of what they are doing to hold themselves back in life.

So many people are feeling a pull to shine their light, but are afraid – or uncertain – of how to move out of their shadow. Shining your light does not mean you need to become famous or change careers to something that is putting you in the spotlight all the time. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to do a major overhaul and turn your back on all that you’ve currently built.

Shining your light is about bringing the best version of yourself to everything you do. Feeling great, living on purpose and creating relationships that support you!

Businesses, corporations, organizations, groups & institutions - Bring Debbie in to decrease stress, improve relationships, bring out natural leadership abilities, increase communication skills and improve collaboration. Awakened people are more productive, creative, better team members and experience improved overall health.

Individuals - It’s time to step out of your shadow and into your power. Call or email Debbie today to set up a no obligation chat to explore how she might guide you towards releasing patterns that are holding you back and help you uncover how to reach your full potential. By working with Debbie you’ll experience better relationships, more self-confidence, improved self-awareness and a re-connection with your inner guidance system.

Downer Debbie?… I Don’t Think So!

What would happen if you moved out of your own way?

What you focus on expands and most of us are focused in the wrong direction. It’s time to take back your power, learn how to make the most of ordinary moments in life and raise your vibrational energy.

Get prepared for some hands-on learning, mind altering information and quite possibly a belly laugh or two…Conversations with ROD (Regular Old Debbie) can change the way you see the world.

Invite Debbie to your convention, office meeting, book club, association, woman’s group, classroom, library… it’s time to come out of the closet!

Hire Debbie Today!

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