Do you ever find yourself feeling like there’s not enough time in the day to get the things you want to do, done?

Have you worked to create your perfect life only to discover it still feels like something is missing or slightly off?

Do you find yourself feeling tired often, perhaps waking up less than refreshed despite a full nights sleep?

Here I am enjoying a chocolate Martini on Maui, Hawaii

Here I am enjoying a chocolate Martini on Maui, Hawaii

This was my experience.

Despite consciously working to create the life I wanted, I found myself stuck in a place of too much to do and not enough energy to make it all happen. I had a great job, a wonderful partner and two beautiful kids…so what the heck was my problem?

In public I was always upbeat, friendly and sociable. In private I was exhausted, run down and grouchier than I wanted to be. I honestly thought if I just held on long enough my kids would grow up (!), my responsibilities would decrease and I would be able to rest and rebound from this temporary set-back. Then I realized, if I actually saw this through, a critical section of my life would be over and I would have endured…not thrived, not excelled… but endured. I was not willing to settle like this.

So I started on a path of self-discovery. One that highlighted for me simple yet profound ways to re-balance my world in ways that complimented all the work I had already done.  It turns out health, relationships, career/finances, and spirituality were all areas I needed to look at – not in isolation, but as a whole.

My journey is not over, but it has become one I can fully embrace while still honouring who I am and all that’s important to me.  And the best part…now I can share it with others.

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