Standing in Your Power…

Standing in your power (SIYP) is about becoming aware of where you are hiding in life so that you can make meaningful changes and create the life you crave.

bigstock-Magic-Wand-AmaviaelIf you could wave a magic wand and change your life today so that it truly filled you with purpose and made you feel loved, accepted and understood…what would you change? Would you ask for more fun and less fighting with your kids? Would you zap your partner and have him or her be more supportive, less critical and truly loving?

Or maybe, home life feels okay, but work is totally draining. This place that you spend so many hours at a day makes you grind your teeth in frustration, seek out comfort foods and  wonder “what’s the point anyway?!”

Perhaps you love your job, but have trouble leaving it at work…which spills into your happiness at home, increasing stress and causing problems with your loved ones.

3041848_sOf course, both home and work life can feel overwhelming when your health is not supporting you. Using this magic wand to balance your hormones, ensure you feel energized and help you maintain your ideal weight could be exactly what you need to excel at everything else in life.

Whatever it is…

Are you ready to stop settling and start thriving?

Don’t wait for a diagnosis, failed marriage or rebelling children to tell you that something is wrong. Contact us for a complimentary discussion of how we can help you move out of your shadow and into your power today!

Standing in Your Power will help you:

  • become aware of what you are doing to hold yourself back and make life harder than it needs to be
  • learn how to embrace stress and use that knowledge to create a life that works for you
  • notice how you communicate with others and open the door to meaningful conversations
  • align your personal compass with your true north so you can live on purpose
  • practice a variety of tools and strategies to help you develop skills for personal growth
  • access self-care tips to assist with looking after yourself physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually
  • speak your truth in a way that feels authentic, empowering and meaningful
  • stand up for yourself when others are trying to push you around and make you do things their way
  • know how to build strong, positive relationships with others
  • tune into your resiliency and know you can handle whatever life throws your way

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Helping everyday moms
create an
Extraordinary Life

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